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History of green neckties

In fashion the color green goes back since the early days of spinning and weaving. During the end of the 19th century the color green in men’s fashion was made quite common after the British army abandoned their brightly colored uniforms - that had made such easy to sport targets previously.

The bright red and/or blue (depending on the regiment) was exchanged with a greenish uniform, a uiniform that served more of a purpuse than decoration. Despite this change, The British kept their regiment colors in their neckties - this tie became known as the regimental tie, and is still today a classy and traditional necktie design.

Most regiments had burgundy red, dark blue, and a forest green in their regimental colors. The first necktie that had a majority of green as color was the necktie of the Royal Rifle Corps.

With more modern ways to dye silk yarns into a huge range of differnt colors, many shades of green neckties are available. Especially light green ties such as sage green neckties and lime green ties are fashionable ties during the summer and warm weather.