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Psychology of green ties

Each color expresses unique feelings and moods. The reaction we have towards a colors is, although mostly subconsciously, instantaneous. Red for example often times makes people nervous while blue creates a soothing feeling. In the 1960s the US Navy switched the color lighting in their control rooms that were used during night. The reason colored light was used in first place was that it is less visible for other ships. In addition the human eye would adapt quicker to the light changes when walking out of the control room onto deck. Initially the light used was red, but was later changed to blue - after studies had shown the positive and soothing impact.

Similar to the color blue, green has a similar soothing and relaxing effect on us. Also, just like blue, green occupies more space in the spectrum that is visible to our eyes. In fact, green is in second place right after the color blue. Green is seen everywhere from a deep forest green to a lime and sage green color. These warm and natural shades of green are perceived as tranquil and refreshing.

The color green is created by mixing the two basic colors of blue and yellow. Blue is perceived as soothing and cool while yellow is a warm and friendly color. Green is a mix of both and also has a nice balance of each of the two colors. The more of yellow is used, the lighter the green will be (sage green, lime green), and the warmer the color will appear. For that reason light green colors, with a large content of yellow are most popular for neckties worn in the spring and summer. The sage green tie is perceived as warm and fresh but has a cooling and soothing undertone (from the hint of blue).

There are are few greens however that have a negative impact on our mood. Those are shades of green that are not a pure mix of blue and yellow, but contain portions of balck and even tiny parts of magenta. Those green shades are often associtated with illness. Most fashion designers are experts in choosing colors and know what mood each color brings to us. Those “negative” shades of green are unkown to fashion and are more common in the automobile industry, paints, and printing.

How wearing a green tie affects us physically and mentally:

  • Soothing feeling
  • Mentally and physically relaxing
  • Helps reduce depression, nervouseness, and anxiety
  • Gives a sense of renewal and harmony

Green is a positive and warm color in fashion. For that reason green neckties are popular ties for any season. Light green ties in the summer and darker/forest green ties in the fall and winter.