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When to wear green ties

Green ties are worn all year long. Just like i nature, the shade of green for each season differs. In the fall and winter months, darker green neckties are worn. Green ties fashionable in the fall and winter are usually combined with shades of gray, dark blue, and brown.

light green neck tiesage green silk tie

Green neckties: Green ties worn in the soring and summer are much lighter in color and contain more yellow than blue. Light tea green silk tie (left), bright solid color sage green tie (right)

The spring and summer on the other hand brings a lot more vibrant necktie colors. The green contains a larger portion of yellow, giving the tie a warm and spring-time feel. Most popular are the tones of sage green and lime green. Especially wedding parties call for sage green silk ties in 2008.

green tie with blue stripesdark green striped necktie

Green ties: Green ties worn in the fall and winter contain much larger portions of blue and even black, created shades of dark forest green and olive. Green tie with blue stripes (left), Olive green necktie with blue and burgundy stripe (right).